ConclusionI learned a lot doing this project. I learned that I do not like the WikiSpace website. I found it very hard to work with. My final page almost never looked the way it did on the editing page. My pictures would not stay where I wanted them to be and the text editor was so picky, I found that I spent more time editing text then I would have liked to. The project itself was a great learning experience, but the tool in which I was using to do it was not. This project made me look deeper than what was just on the pages in my book. It forced me to take what was on those pages and put the information into my own words. I often found myself at work trying to find ways to tie in what was happening there to something that we learned in physiology. There are a lot of concepts at work that make more sense now than they used to. I understand how lab finds out someones blood type now, I never really understood that before. This project did force me to think outside of the box on many occasions. It wasn't always easy but somehow I made it work!