013.JPG011.JPGHello! My name is Kelly Heichel and I live in Clear Lake, South Dakota. My favorite part of living here is how peaceful it is. I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have a 4-year old son who LOVES to learn about the human body! He is very interested in this class and has been reading my book to me even though he can't quite read yet. I am enrolled at LATI as a Practical Nursing student. I plan on continuing on next year to the RN program through USD. I currently work as a Telemetry Technician at Prairie Lakes Hospital in the Critical Care Unit. I love my job! I plan on continuing to work in Critical Care as a nurse after my nursing education is complete. I will be responsible for making quick life-changing decisions and taking care of severely ill people. I love taking care of people. Life is a journey and this class is no different. I am looking forward to every step of it!

Here we go on a journey of Physiology......

Table of Contents
01. Homeostasis
02. Chemical Aspects of Physiology
03. Cell Physiology
04. Endocrinology
05. Hematology
06. Cardiology
07. Respiratory Physiology
08. Immunology
09. Nervous System
10. Sense Organs
11. Muscle Physiology
12. Urology
13. Digestion
14. Metabolism
15. Reproductive Physiology